Here at Leisure Structures we ensure that all of the canopies we install are designed and manufactured to the client specifications which means that you can be assured that your new canopy will look precisely as you envisaged it, adding style to your property in the process.

The canopies available from Leisure Structures come in a variety of materials to suit different needs. Stainless steel canopies are highly durable and resistant to corrosive forces. For canopies of a more intricate design, mild steel may be a more suitable material as it is easier to shape. Aluminium canopies are lightweight but highly durable, while brass canopies provide a high class finish.

In addition to a choice of metals, Leisure Structures canopies come in either a powder coated or painted finish and there is always the option for  glass in-fills if required.

As with our canopies, our signage solutions are designed and manufactured to the specific requirements of our clients. This means that you can add to the look of your commercial property while still managing to retain your unique brand image.

It is important when having both a canopy and signage installed that each complements the other. With this in mind, our signs are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel. The team at Leisure Structures have years of experience in the field and will be happy to work with you in choosing the perfect combination of canopy and sign to help your business stand out from the crowd.