Here at Leisure Structures we provide a wide range of handrails and balustrades and can install customisable solutions for the needs of any site or facility. Handrails and balustrades are a vital safety feature, in addition to affecting the aesthetics of the building. The right choice of balustrade can ensure the safety of those using the facility whilst complementing the décor and improving the overall appearance.

We can supply balustrades in a variety of metals, together with a choice of in-fill panels and handrails which allows the flexibility and adaptability for the practical, structural and aesthetic needs of individual projects.

Balustrades can be manufactured in either 42.4mm or 48.3mm tube with a satin or mirror polished finish stainless steel, . There are two available grades of stainless steel, depending on whether the structure will be used internally or externally (grades 304 and 316 respectively). Balustrades are also available in 42.4mm or 48.3mm mild steel which can be either powder coated in your choice of colour or simply lacquered.

Handrails are available in the same stainless steel grades as balustrades, with the same choice between mirror polished and satin finish options or we can offer a selection of wooden handrails since this may better fit the décor of some facilities.

In-fill panels are available in a similarly wide range of styles. We can offer safety glass panels, wire rope assemblies or perforated metal panels in a wide choice of different metals.

Please contact our team for further information about the range of options on offer.a>