Leisure Structures can offer a supply and install package or install only for the full range of Pendock column casings, whichever option you choose you can be assured that you will be left with a high class product installed by our experienced fitters

If you’re looking for a stunning finish to a building’s interior, then you should consider Pendock’s range of column casings, these offer a practical solution that also creates a focal point in a room rather than simply hiding away the unsightly columns, they actually provide a style feature.

The column casings from Pendock can be produced in plywood, metal, GRP and GRG and can be manufactured square, circular or elliptical which can provide you with the ability to cover up areas that would otherwise detract from the beauty of the building.

The casings are available in a variety of finishes, providing the ability to match them to your existing colour scheme and can be manufactured  in any RAL colour, this enables them to blend in with the decor rather than looking like an extra part of the building.

The choice of material for your casings largely depends on your budget and requirements but you can rest assured once Leisure Structures highly experienced fitters have installed your product you will not be disappointed